Homestead Hints

March 7 – Organising Your Homestead

Seriously, before you jump head first into your homestead or small farm, GET ORGANISED! Know how you want to set things out. Have pens and animals enclosures built to your needs. Check where garden beds are going to go to ensure that your preferred plants will be in the ideal conditions. DO NOT OVEREXTEND YOURSELF! I can not stress this enough. Be realistic in your goals and work out how much time you can devote to your new lifestyle. It is a lifestyle not just a hobby so it is better to overestimate time needed than underestimate.

Over the Christmas period, our flock more than doubled in size. It has been a hectic time period with the start of the school year and my health issues, so the organisation I have wanted to do has not been completed. It is only know, three months later, that I am managing to get some semblence of order. Do not be like me.